The European Scrutiny Committee published yesterday a list of debate recommendations that, so far, the Government has failed to schedule.

Bill Cash, Chairman of the Committee, said:

“The Prime Minister has said that national Parliaments are the true source of real democratic legitimacy and accountability in the EU. But in this House, we now see a systematic, wilful failure in the way that the Government handles EU business. Matters which are of vital national importance, in particular the free movement of EU citizens and the recent developments in relation to the EU Budget, are being left undebated.

“The Government must now review the list of outstanding debate recommendations published on my Committee’s website today as matter of urgency, and arrange for these debates to take place in the near future. Scrutiny of EU matters is of the utmost importance, and Members across the House should have the opportunity to debate these highly relevant issues; an opportunity that the Government has been denying them.”