Bill Cash and The European Foundation are delighted as British people voted to leave the EU.

Bill Cash said, “I am extremely delighted and I congratulate all of my constituents on voting because it was one of the biggest turnouts in the country.

“This will hand some self-governance to the British people which people fought and died for and now we should be carrying the process of re-negotiation.

“David Cameron resigning is inevitable given the defeat he suffered in the vote and we will now be choosing a new prime minister in a few months.”

“This is what people fought and died for in world wars. It is about freedom and democracy and the right to govern ourselves.”

“The first thing we need to do is repeal the European Communities Act in parliament.

“We have now got to enter into negotiations with other member states. We are currently trading in the EU at a loss. It is that simple.

“I think we have got to look to an extremely positive future.”