The Daily Star reports: “The Government offered a concession to Mr Cash and his allies by offering to rewrite the Bill's explanatory notes to make clear that it does not subject Parliament sovereignty to the decisions of courts.

Bill Cash was quoted saying "Even if the explanatory notes were to be disavowed on this matter, the problem of judicial assertions relating to parliamentary sovereignty would not disappear."

Moreover, Mr Cash stressed that the measure currently in the Bill was "emphatically not a sovereignty clause" and would "actually undermine parliamentary sovereignty by encouraging judicial supremacy".

Bill Cash was also quoted in the Daily Mail and by the Express saying that some recent UK court decisions had “trespassed very clearly on the question of whether or not Parliament is the supreme law-making body of this country”.

Moreover, he said: “We’re now being faced with a continuous stream of legislation which is divesting this House of its right to legislate. For too long we have witnessed further seamless and ceaseless integration and it is time we took a stand, removing ambiguity and uncertainty and the gradual absorption of the EU into our constitutional DNA.

“In the past, those of us who have been criticised for our predictions on Europe need only to look to the record to see how often some of us have been proved right in the national interest.”