Bill Cash @ ConservativeHome:By a bitter irony, Manuel Barroso lectured the British people on their European credentials from Chatham House, the former residence of William Pitt the Elder – a man who knew a thing or two about Britain and its role in the world.

“In his sermon, he led us through the highways and byways of EU propaganda and downright disinformation. He told us that the Union has emerged from the financial storms “more united, more open and stronger”.

Has he not observed the protests and riots in many of the capitals of Europe? Does he not know that in Spain and in Greece and in other countries the unemployment level for the young has obscenely risen under his leadership to over 50 per cent? Is he not aware that in several EU countries the unemployment level is running at over 20 per cent, and that when he tells us that the European Union has shown the capacity to reform, there is no evidence whatsoever of this in practice? SMEs flounder under the weight of overregulation and cannot obtain loans from the banks – is this his vision of prosperity?” Read the post here.