Before the UK Government Transport Minister attends the EU Transport, Telecoms and Energy Council in Luxembourg on Thursday 24th June, analysts at the European Foundation have provided a series of important issues which must be taken into account by the Government. See the European Foundation's report: 
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Spokesman for the European Foundation, Jim McConalogue, said:

“It is well known that major European airlines and an airline association had criticised the European response for the way Europe closed airspace because of volcanic ash from Iceland.

“Europe has failed. This became a £2.2 billion crisis for the European aviation industry – but this does not even begin to consider the other financial costs paid by passengers and businesses during the chaos.

“I am afraid the real issue is that the Government should reject the EU Transport, Telecoms and Energy Council approval on Thursday for seeking further control over European airspace, given Europe’s previous failure in this area.

“Further legislation should only be approved on an intergovernmental footing and decisions regarding passenger safety and the calculation of risks of volcanic ash clouds must be properly assessed for the future, in our national interest.”