Ahead of the referendum on the Alternative Vote on 5th May – in which the British electorate will be asked if the ‘alternative vote’ system should be used instead of the existing first past the post system to elect MPs – a political analyst at the European Foundation, Jim McConalogue, provides a dossier of ‘100 Reasons why the British people must vote ‘No’ to AV’ ( Download Britain No to AV).

Jim McConalogue said:

“The existing first past the post system has actually been very effective throughout British history. The AV system is completely unnecessary and will leave political manifestos irrelevant.

“Nick Clegg allegedly described the proposed AV system as a ‘miserable little compromise’ before the last general election, and voters should reject it in May.

“Britain must not accept the system which the Prime Minister refers to as ‘undemocratic, obscure, unfair and crazy’ bec au se it is about creating bad, behind-closed-doors, undemocratic coalition governments.

“As key Liberal Democrats continue to push for what they have called ‘the Europeanisation of our politics’, Britain will be left with a system of perpetual hung parliaments and closed-doors coalition government under AV and on that basis, it is crucial that the country votes No.”