In a debate in the House of Commons this evening, Bill Cash will be addressing the question of the ‘Sovereignty of Parliament’, which he says is a “fundamental issue” which lies at the heart of the freedom of choice for the voters to decide the laws under which they are to be governed, and to decide the question of who governs Britain – a crucial matter as we approach the next General election.

Cash will have a Bill published tomorrow addressing vital questions on the Sovereignty of Parliament.

Cash will say that European Union legislation, which ‘streams out like a tsunami’, invades every nook and cranny of our daily lives. On any reasonable estimate, it affects at least 70% of the vast array of UK laws. He will speak on how it affects the whole of our justice and criminal law. It affects the regulation of the City of London and the role of the Bank of England and financial services. It affects family law. It affects the CAP, the CFP, the rebate, regional policy making, energy policy, consequences of immigration and the £2000 for each man, woman and child which the EU costs according to the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

Cash applauds David Cameron’s proposal for a Sovereignty Bill as indeed does the whole Conservative Party and looks into how far this Sovereignty Bill must extend by raising proposals and issues which will need to be encompassed by the Bill.

His proposals are based on the rejection of European government and the promotion of European trade and global trade and political cooperation where it is in our national interest.