David Cameron said before yesterday’s European Council, “I’ll be setting out again the four vital areas, where we need change, laying down what those changes will be at the beginning of November, so we quicken the negotiations in the run-up to the December council,”. When Bill Cash knew that David Cameron would unveil his EU renegotiation demands in a letter to be sent, in early November, to the European Council President, Donald Tusk, and then to be distributed to the other 27 EU member states, he immediately requested for this document to be published. Number 10 initially indicated that the letter won’t be published. The European Scrutiny Committee has already launched an inquiry into the UK Government’s renegotiation of EU membership: parliamentary sovereignty and scrutiny, and Bill Cash said that he would use all possible means for the letter to be provided to the European Scrutiny Committee and to Parliament. This was strongly supported by the Conservatives for Britain. Then, Downing Street back down and agreed to provide the letter to the European Scrutiny Committee and to Parliament. The Government accepted therefore Bill Cash’s request for the letter to be made public. As Bill Cash said to PA it was “essential that people in this country and in our Parliament know what is being said to other member states on the future of our country”. He then further stressed “Parliament precedes diplomatic negotiations”.