The European Scrutiny and the Home Affairs and Justice Committees have recently published a Joint Report, as both are “deeply disappointed by the Government's position”.

Following publication of the Government's Responses to their Reports on the 2014 block opt-out decision, the Chairs of the Committees sent a joint letter to the Home and Justice Secretaries showing their common concern on “the role of Parliament in scrutinising the Government's approach to the 2014 block opt-out decision” and stressing “the need for an early debate and vote on the measures the Government proposes to rejoin.” However, the Government has decided not to offer an early debate and vote on this major issue.

Both Committees believe that “the House should have an opportunity to have a debate – and vote – on which measures the UK should seek to rejoinbefore negotiations begin.” They stressed, “Presentation of a 'done-deal', once the negotiation process has been completed, is a poor substitute.”

Hence, they will seek “a debate on this Joint Report in Backbench Business Committee time, to enable all Members of this House to debate the Government's resistance to full parliamentary involvement in this complex and highly significant decision.”