Bill Cash @ ConservativeHome'Platform: "It is encouraging that David Cameron, in his Spring Forum speech, has focused on enterprise and growth – and that at a parliamentary meeting on the Budget only a few weeks ago, several of us emphasised that growth was key to reducing the deficit and not merely the importance of cuts which, where justified, should be accompanied by cuts in taxation as well.

However, it is simply not credible to set out a stall for growth without fundamentally cutting back on European regulation. The Government itself admits – as I have said repeatedly in debates – that at least 50 per cent of all economic regulation comes from the European Union and this does not even take account of the vast impact of the unacceptable transfer of financial regulation over the City of London and the UK to European jurisdiction, against which I have argued for several years in debate and which will cause immense damage to our competitiveness."  Please read this blog post here.