Ahead of the Eurozone summit on Friday (11th March) and in the context of the debate in the House of Commons on the remaining stages of the European Union Bill this afternoon (8th March), Bill Cash MP has written a briefing ‘Saving the British economy for the British people’.

Bill Cash’s briefing urges Government action on key areas which threaten the competitiveness of the UK economy, including: the proposed Competitiveness Pact (including restraint on wages, regulating finances and pension systems) to be agreed this Friday, the European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism and the legality of the bailout deals for Greece and Ireland and future bailouts, the failed Stability and Growth Pact, the failed Lisbon strategy for growth and employment, now reinvented as the ‘2020 Agenda’, the new macro-economic surveillance framework, the UK obligation to present national reform programmes subject to the European semester, a common consolidated corporate tax base and many other items of legislation which threaten the British economy. Please read the briefing here.